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    Music of the Month: A Playlist for the Isolated & Quarantined

    Life has gotten a bit strange hasn't it? Feeling like your in a movie? Well, every film needs a score - so we've provided you a playlist to match the bizzare world we are now currently living in.

    Music of the Month: A Playlist for Painters

    A Big Hooray to all the Painters, Poets and Kings! We've created a playlist that celebrates the artist and their work - Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Chagall, and Andy Warhol!

    He’s a Llama Farmer, Don’t Cha Know (Roughly to the Rhythm of ‘The Dreaming’ by Kate Bush)

    A comical and surreal poem about a Farmer & his many llamas by Brett Mottram

    We Could Be Sleepwalking Our Way Into a Surveillance State

    What role does contact tracing technology have to play - if any - in controlling pandemics now and in the future? And can we trust it, or the governments that deploy it?

    From Studio to Soup Kitchen: Conceptualising the Covid Situation

    A talk with the artist Josef O'Connor on how we can reassess our meaning of 'value' during the Covid pandemic. Read on to see how the artist took his project from the studio to the soup kitchen.

    Finding the Humility in Sean Scully’s ‘Human’ Exhibition

    A reflection on Sean Scully's spirituality in his 2019 exhibition, 'Human'.

    A Binary Sonnet

    Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Code.

    My Fear of Cities encapsulated in a Song.

    'There's good points and bad points' about the concept of a city and its practical function within society. Talking Heads' 'Cities' manifests the discombobulated, anxiety driven madness of the metropolis and its peoples.

    The Dawn of a New British Man

    Have we rediscovered part of our British identity? After being cocooned for the last few months, we might have emerged to an important realisation - health, exercise and the countryside matter.

    Of Cicada & Minthe

    A villanelle for our circumstances.

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