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    Pictures & Politics: The Graffiti Of The Pandemic

    Street artists have given a voice to communities all over the world during the COVID crisis. From misinformation to lockdown restrictions, what do they have to say?

    The Erebus Accounts: His Last Christmas – Chapter 1

    The Erebus Accounts: On Queen Victoria's summons, supernatural scholar, Henry Morscroft, accompanies his father to Her Majesty's residence on the Isle of Wight, where the two experts in the Occult must contend with the lingering Spirit of the late Prince Albert.

    CIRCA 2020: Reconsidering Relationships through the Artwork of Eddie Peake

    Are the relationships we see on our screens real? Or a manipulated fantasy?

    Lion Machine 23 – a Roaring Debut and a Chat With the Frontman

    With his own blend of Punk and electronics, Lion Machine 23's debut album is catchy, nostalgic and forward-thinking.

    Boris Goes Pew Pew: The UK Governments Plan To Laser-Fi The Military

    On the 19th of November, Boris Johnson would announce that his government would pledge to ‘increase defense by 24.1 billion pounds over the next 4 years’. This will be used to invest in ‘technologies that will revolutionize warfare', including the development of laser weapons.

    Sensing the Unseen Review: Close Looking at the National Gallery

    Review of the National Gallery in London's new experiential exhibition Sensing the Unseen featuring Jan Gossaert's 1515 masterpiece 'The Adoration of the Kings'

    The Lost Prince: Part III – The Sinking Woman & The Drifting Men

    The Sinking Woman & The Drifting Men is the third chapter in The Lost Prince Saga, which explores the age of the reign of King Tamburlaine III.

    Artemisia Gentileschi at the National Gallery: A Promise for Change or Warning Signal?

    An insight into the first female solo exhibition at the National Gallery and the underrepresentation of women in art history.

    The Double Meaning of Existence: Kishi Yoshiyuki’s New Approach to an Old Philosophical Problem

    Kishi Yoshiyuki Film Double Life (2016) questions human existence. Do we exist because we ourselves think so, or must we have others confirm our existence for us?

    Rage Against The Beige: Nicky (Nustar) Clark – The Folk Legend of Hampshire.

    Nicky (Nustar) Clark is a Director, Actor, Writer & Musician, living in Ringwood, Hampshire, England. For the last 10 years he has been producing content on Youtube, which has had a particular focus on his musical works.

    Street Photography In Venice: Why You Should Get Out Into The World With A Camera!

    Venice is for wanderers. To see the city, you must get lost, to accept that you do not know, that you do not understand, and that to learn you must make mistakes.

    “I Live, I Learn” – Keeno’s Latest Album Shows That Not Everything Has Changed In 2020.

    After three albums released on Med School, orchestral Drum & Bass maestro Keeno has now made his his Hospital Records debut. So how does it hold up?

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