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    Breaking Out of the Geisha Shell: Melinda Gebbie and Intelligent Pornography

    A voyage into the politics, pornography, and ethics of Melinda Gebbie’s comic book artistry.

    José Feliciano – The Man You Should Get to Know

    In a Christmas rife with uncertainty and seclusion, writer and resident artist, Jake Purkiss, tells of how his festive spirit was salvaged by what might seem to some an unlikely hero: a blind 75 year old with a guitar.

    I Joined Instagram Giveaways for a Month… This is what Happened

    An insight into “comping” on Instagram – an addictive hobby that involves entering competitions to win prizes.

    ‘These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends’: The Risks of Media Bias During the Trump-Biden Transition

    Amid the recent scenes of unrest and destruction in and around the Capitol, could it be that the unsympathetic response of the mainstream media to Trump and his supporters is fuelling, rather than defusing, such violence?

    ‘The Most Diverse Cabinet in History’… But is that enough?

    Biden has been praised for his diverse cabinet but why have these people been chosen? Is it a debt being paid, an appointment due to their relationship, pleasing factions in his party, or choosing the best person for the job? We will look at the top cabinet positions in order of who would succeeded the President.

    Patti Smith Launches Us into a New Year with CIRCA

    A new year, a new start, and a new artist bringing in 2021 on CIRCA’s screens.

    ‘A Plague of Cities’: How & Why Have Towns Been Overlooked?

    In recent years a divide has arisen between cities and towns. As we begin to notice this divide, will we begin to change the way we invest in our infrastructure and the way we live?

    Disability, Dark Comedy and Tinder | An Interview With Jimmy Olsson

    Read our interview with director Jimmy Olsson about his latest short film, the Oscar-eligible 'Alive' (2020).

    The Lost Prince: Part IV – The Good Captain’s Men

    The Good Captain's Men is the fourth chapter in The Lost Prince Saga, which explores the age of the reign of King Tamburlaine III.

    The Student Housing Company: Part II – Lawyers, Layoffs, Lies, and Spies

    This is our second report on The Student Housing Company, in which we have discovered even more staff and students who have suffered poor living and working conditions.

    ‘Men With Tits’: The Struggle Of Writing Strong Feminine Characters

    Now, before we get any further with this article, it is important to first establish that this is not about actual men with tits, so if that’s something you’re into I humbly apologise for getting both your hopes up and… well I think we all know where that low effort joke is going.

    Fan Art or High Art – What’s The Difference?

    As we live in a world where fan culture is the biggest it has ever been, we continue to question where the lines blur between high art and fan art. Featuring an interview with Xanthe Russel.

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