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    Is the Sand Whiter in Dubai? Influencers Marooned as Lockdown Measures Increase

    Mobs of influencers became stuck in Dubai earlier this year due to the increase in lockdown restrictions. We take a look at the role of the influencer in modern society and discuss its validity. Is the sand really whiter in Dubai? Or is it a mirage in the desert?

    Placing ‘Fight Club’ In The Modern Context | Chuck Palahniuk’s Prophecy of a Decaying World

    What is there left to say about Fight Club? After countless reviews, video commentaries, interviews, and visual-textual analysis, everything that can be said about Chuck Palahniuk’s seminal work has seemingly already been discussed...

    “Choices Can Be Productive”: Audience Autonomy is Key in Tony Cokes’ CIRCA Screening

    “I’m hoping, to some extent, for my work to engage the imagination and produce questions rather than, quote unquote, tell people what they should believe or what they need to know.” – Tony Cokes

    Is The Chinese Communist Party The Time Keeper of TikTok?

    How involved is the CCP with Chinese companies and to what extent is TikTok a method of establishing virtual footholds in the minds of future generations?

    Behind the Mask of the NHS Worker: The 2020 Vision Project

    We chat with the creator of the 2020 Vision Project, Sophie Sheinwald, about photography as storytelling, building connections from scratch, and what we should be doing instead of clapping for the NHS.

    A Chat With DakhaBrakha | Ukraine’s Biggest Folk Band

    When I joined Mouthing Off a few months ago there was little chance that my first article would be about anyone other than DakhaBrakha, the Ukrainian band of trained singers and ad-hoc instrumentalists who blend an eclectic mix of international instruments with the traditional words and sounds of their home country. Not long after the article released, we got the chance to talk to band leader Marko Halanevych about their pioneering sound, alternative cello tunings and the current state of Ukraine.

    Farage’s Latest Movement | What Will The Future Hold For The Reform Party?

    For the liberal commentariat, Nigel Farage, and the three parties he has been associated with, have become the boogiemen of British politics. UKIP, the...

    The Erebus Accounts: His Last Christmas – Chapter II

    On Queen Victoria's summons, supernatural scholar, Henry Morscroft, accompanies his father to Her Majesty's residence on the Isle of Wight, where the two experts in the Occult must contend with the lingering Spirit of the late Prince Albert.

    On Selfishness | Have We Been Too Quick To Judge During The Pandemic?

    Has the pandemic caused a surge in selfishness? Have we become less tolerant and caring to those with views that differ from our own? What can we do to resolve this issue as we move forward in this Brave New World?

    A 10/10 Review: Why I Don’t Like Film Rating Systems

    Is there an alternative to the archaic rating system for film reviews or will we be left with an oversimplified numerical scale to find out what's good and what's not?

    Band of The Month: Klaus Johann Grobe

    Are You tired of your music collection? Want to find out about some bands that you probably haven't heard of? Then look no further, because we will be bringing you the latest information about artists, both old and new, each month moving forward, starting with Klaus Johann Grobe.

    ‘War is Peace’: A Brief Comment on the Nomination of BLM for the Nobel Peace Prize

    The American satirical singer-songwriter Tom Lehrer once quipped that satire died when American statesman Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize... Today the same could be said with the nomination of BLM.

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