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    CHRONICLES PART II: One Week in the Life of Dr. Keith Crichton, an Alcoholic Archaeologist

    Make sure to check out the first part of Brett Mottram's Chronicles before reading Part II, so that you don't spoil the story for...

    Searching for the Future with Emma Talbot and CIRCA

    Golden vines grow from the remnants of a rotting city. In Emma Talbot’s Four Visions of a Hopeful Future, these landscapes become a metaphor for the collapse of a society we once depended on. Will coming together as a community be enough to help us see a future beyond today’s uncertain times?

    The Democrats Of The Future | Who Are The Most Likely Candidates For 2024

    While it seems that we are far away from the next presidential race, in political terms we are just around the corner from 2024. We take a look at some potential Democrat candidates and analyse what their chances are to become the next President of the United States.

    Selected Poems From Keith Mulopo

    A selection of poems from the portfolio of Keith Mulopo.

    The Rise of the Digital Art Exhibition: ‘Dream Machine’ at Fluorescent Smogg

    Fluorescent Smogg push the boat out with their new group show ‘Dream Machine’, proving that digital exhibitions aren’t limited to your bog-standard photo gallery or video tour.

    Snitches Get Stitches | The University of Warwick Tells Students to Spy on Their Flatmates & Neighbours.

    We sat down with Chen Ling, Mouthing Off contributor and student at Warwick University, who has been told by the wardens of his accommodation that he should dob in fellow students who break university rules surrounding Covid-19.

    Abridged Anime | How To Turn A Bad Anime Into A Good One

    An abridged anime usually acts as an addition to an established series, rather than overtaking it in popularity. Can an abridged series really outshine the source material it is based on?

    CHRONICLES: PART I – One Week in the Life of Dr. Keith Crichton, an Alcoholic Archaeologist.

    As 2021 begins, Dr. Crichton, archaeologist, struggles to balance his personal addictions and professional duties, and decides that writing a diary might help him…

    Band of the Month: Catfish and the Bottlemen

    Let’s bring on March with the latest segment of Band of the Month. This month sees us put a spotlight on Catfish and the Bottlemen.

    Yvette’s Bridal Formal | The Strangest Website Ever Created?

    I sat down with Sean Terrance Best – artist, writer, and creator of Yvette’s Bridal Formal – to discuss his creation of one of the most notorious sites on the internet.

    TikTok The Musical | An Artform or Just Another Meme?

    While TikTok has always been known for lip-synching, dancing, and the playing of music, few would have guessed that it would become the largest social platform for hit musical numbers...

    Have Students Been Pushed Too Far? | The Story of Rent-Strikes in the Year of the Pandemic and Beyond

    A wave of discontent has spread across the country. A movement across over 45 universities has led to rent-strikes, in which students are demanding that they recieve compensation after over a year of either being shut-in or out of their accomadation.

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