What Are We All About?

    Why Was Mouthing Off Magazine Created?

    Mouthing Off Magazine was created to give the younger generation the opportunity to find a new voice - a gutteral scream loud enough to arouse fresh ideas, creative thought, and inspire artistic flair. We are tired of student magazines just being a collection of tabloid articles about Love Island, 'What Telly-Tubby Represents your Dorm?', or another one-dimensional and one-sided piece on surface level politics. If you find our articles and artworks long, difficult, quirky or offensive then good, we're doing our job. We want you to be uncomfortable, to question what we do, yourself, and those around you. Being young isn't easy, so we're not going to take it easy either. We say no more to the condescending attitude that the new generation can't read an article that's longer than five-hundred words, that the youth are incapable of handling their emotions without scurrying into a safe space, or the belief that students are some form of commodity to pander to in order to sell the latest phone, shoe or some other cheap product made in a Chinese sweatshop. We are hear to give you the opportunity to stir the pot, to investigate, and explore the unknown - to Mouth Off without consequenece.

    Gregory Segal

    Founder of Mouthing Off Magazine

    What Do We Offer Our Viewers?

    What Can You Expect To Find On Mouthing Off Magazine?
    • Read Articles that cover a wide range of subjects, including: news, politics, visual culture, film & television, music, poetry, and short stories. These are published each day, so make sure to check the site frequently or sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news.
    • Visit our online gallery, filled with stunning artworks and fantastic artists.
    • Watch our interviews, documentaries, and other video content to hear the indepth opinions of artists, politicians, academics, and other interesting characters.

    How Do I Get Involved?

    What Volunteering Roles Do We Have On Offer?

    Become a Contributor

    Do you feel like you have something to say? Have some interesting poetry, stories or article ideas that you would like to share with us? Then what are you waiting for - submit your ideas or written pieces to Mouthing Off Magazine today! Our team of skilled editors will look over your writing and work directly with you so that your article, story or poem reaches its highest potential. Click below to find out more.

    Become a Featured or Resident Artist

    Are you a keen artist? Is it your dream to have your work promoted and exhibited? Then Mouthing Off Magazine is here for you. We want to work with and provide support to young talented artists from around the world. Click below to find out more.

    Become A Team Member

    Do you have skills outside of writing and/or creating artworks? Are you an organised individual who is keen to get more involved with us to make this magazine a success? Then you should consider applying for one of our Team Member positions! While we do advertise certain roles on our social media platforms, we are keen to hear what you believe you can offer to Mouthing Off Magazine. Even if we are not currently advertising a role or if your ideal role does not currently exist then you should contact us to have a chat. We would love to hear your ideas. Click below to find out more.

    Meet Our Team

    Mouthing Off Magazine couldn't function without our team of dedicated editors, art directors, and social media coordinators. Our student volunteers are working hard to provide you with the best content possible.

    Our Team

    Charlie Colville

    Arts Editor

    I’m Charlie, a recently graduated History of Art student that isn’t quite ready to let go of three years of accumulated art knowledge. A self-proclaimed gallery postcard hoarder and Cindy Sherman fan, I am very excited to be able to continue to explore art and art history with Mouthing Off. As art is becoming increasingly dependent on our interactions with and responses to artworks, I am eager to see more and more people from all backgrounds and disciplines engage with the art world. It’s time to take some notice and get involved.

    Oskar Smith

    Music Editor

    I'm Oskar, an ex-music student living in Bristol. With a plethora of playlists and a keen crate-digging habit, I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting music to listen to, share and maybe - just maybe - write about. Catch me scribbling at a desk, wandering the city or hiding in a stockroom - always with headphones of course!

    Sam Barrowcliffe

    Creative Writing Editor

    I am nineteen years old and will begin studying at the University of Warwick in September. Since starting at Mouthing Off, I have written and published a number of short stories and can't wait to share even more. My favourite genres are horror and science fiction and I take great inspiration from the likes of Rod Serling, Charlie Kauffman, HP Lovecraft, Phillip K. Dick and Christopher Nolan. In the future, I hope to follow my dream of becoming a professional screenwriter and novelist, following in the footsteps of my idols. I look forward to publishing even more fiendish tales and I hope people will continue to enjoy reading them, as much as I have writing them!

    LLoyd Watts

    Politics & News Sub-Editor

    I am from Portsmouth in Hampshire and I am currently studying International Relations at the Cardiff University. My main areas of interest in writing are in politics, history and sport. In terms of other hobbies I enjoy playing sports, mainly rugby and I love to game and read.

    Beth Givens

    Art Director

    My name's Beth and I'm currently studying Fine Art at Southampton Solent University. I have a chaotic, creative brain and I'm often fascinated by light, colour, and patterns but usually indecisive on how to address this fascination. This has caused my art to be varied and random. I also explore the use of art as a tool to engage with mental health and as a platform for people to communicate and express themselves. My role at Mouthing Off Magazine is to facilitate a community where artists and art lovers can engage with each other and gain a sense of identity, understanding, and friendship, as well as offering exciting opportunities for up and coming artists who deserve to be in the spotlight.

    Rebekka Katajisto

    Instagram Coordinator

    I graduated from the University of Warwick in History of Art in 2019 and finished my Masters at UCL in 2020 in Principles of Conservation. I am currently taking a year off and continuing my studies in conservation at the Hamilton-Kerr Institute in 2021. I have a keen interest in medieval art, the process of making and working first-hand with cultural heritage. I run the Mouthing Off Instagram, curating daily content, discovering new artists, engaging with our audience and networking with other accounts. I am constantly inspired by the talented artists that we feature.

    Ben Bampton

    Twitter Coordinator

    Fresh off a philosophy degree and a year running Exetera, I now write about psychology, sanity and society - and spend the rest of my time wondering how they might get along better.

    Jess Miller

    Twitter Coordinator

    Hi, I'm Jess and I work with the social media team here at Mouthing Off. I am currently studying media production at Bournemouth University which means I love all things film and sound. I am excited to be working with the team and being able to chat to our audiences via our Twitter page.

    Will Hutchison

    Political Cartoonist & Graphic Designer

    My name's Will and I am the cartoonist and general handyman for Mouthing Off! I am an Architecture BA graduate from Kingston University and I'm currently working for a modular architecture and construction firm in Southampton. My interests and practices are quite diverse and you may well come across some of my work here at Mouthing Off, including: cartoons, written pieces, illustrations, paintings or music.

    Sanni Pyhänniska


    I’m Sanni, an illustrator and printmaker from Finland currently working freelance and screenprinting from my home studio set up in my basement in Brussels. My humour and curiosity for different ways of depicting interaction influence my personal work as well as feed into my illustrations at Mouthing Off. I have a passion for reading and understanding language and how it functions within our society, which is why I love basing my work on a written context and adding my unique spin on it.

    Hollie Joiner


    I’m Hollie, a illustrator and digital artist from Kent. I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2020 and have been working as a freelance illustrator since. Through my work I enjoy bringing to life narratives and visually enhancing articles

    Andrea Miranda


    Hello! I’m a recent illustration graduate from Falmouth university currently working on editorials and comics. My work is a palate of saturated colors and stems off of the themes based on love and self acceptance. I’m excited to be able to collaborate with the amazing creatives in Mouthing Off Magazine and can’t wait to see its progress grow even further. Aside from the magazine, I work with cheese and wine and do yoga in my free time.

    Hermione Ross


    Hi! I’m Hermione. I am an illustrator and artist based in London, that recently graduated from Falmouth University in Cornwall. I am inspired by fostering communication through my art, as I feel in the hyper-digitalised and social media driven world we live in, forming sincere connections by any means is critical. Illustration is a great vessel for this communication, whether that be my own message or the writers, so long as it connects with an audience I am happy!

    Meet Our Resident Artists

    We've gathered the best student and amateur artists currently working at the moment. While they may be young and considered 'inexperienced' they are certainly not lacking in the talent department. Meet the new generation of modern virtuosos.

    Our Resident Artists

    Irene Shoshanne Carlucci

    Primary Discipline: Architecture

    I am an architect Student currently studying a master of philosophy in architecture and urban design at Cambridge University. My current ambition is to design a safe, rightful, sustainable and environmentally forward-looking civic space, independently of who owns and manages these structures. My interests broaden from photography, poetry to hand-drawing. Academically, I am extremely interested in psychology and the very particular relationship between humans and their environment.

    Molly Lambourn

    Primary Discipline: Ceremics & Jewllery

    Drawing is a mechanism for escapism, it is my companion when I cannot sleep, think or think too much. I draw to create portals into bizarre and beautiful new worlds and realities for people to escape into. My works are dreamlike states and spaces housing mundane thoughts, intimate secrets and relentless pattern to reflect the cluttered mind. Welcome to my world.

    Jake Purkiss

    Primary Discipline: Painting

    I'm a painter & History of Art Student who largely focuses on portraiture. My body of work consists of a variety of themes and subject matters, all of which are bound by one style. My portraits seek to capture an intimacy between myself and the subject, developing a moment from the inside out.

    Justine Rainer

    Primary Discipline: Illustration & Lithography

    I'm a franco-Austrian Fine art student combining mediums such as photography, lithography and drawing. Through my art, i like to explore different themes to question them & stimulate thought. My recent projects examine the limits of simplicity & show the redundancy of a border as a frame.

    Katharina Ahlemeyer

    Primary Discipline: Photography & Videography

    I started taking photos when I got my first camera at age eleven - I have been a student of photography ever since. The reason I love photos is that they capture a moment as a memory. Isn't that crazy? I often work with film and I'm fascinated by this process, capturing a split second and then converting that into something that can last forever. You only get one chance for a photo, that is the challenge.