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Our Story

Mouthing Off Magazine was created during the first lockdown within the UK in March 2020. I wanted to create a platform for young adults that moved away from the tedious monotony of tabloid journalism and could instead provide the younger generation the opportunity to find a new voice – a gutteral scream loud enough to arouse fresh ideas, creative thought, and inspire artistic flair.

If you find a piece of writing, artwork, or illustration to be quirky, politically incorrect, controversial, or offensive… Then good, it means that we’re doing our job. We want you to be uncomfortable, to question what we do, yourself, and those around you. Being young isn’t easy, so we’re not going to take it easy either.

At Mouthing Off Magazine we say no more to the condescending attitude that the new generation can’t read an article longer than five-hundred words, that the youth are incapable of handling their emotions without scurrying into a safe space, or the belief that students are some form of commodity to pander to in order to sell the latest phone, shoe or some other cheap product made in a Chinese sweatshop. We are here to give you the opportunity to stir the pot, to investigate, and explore the unknown – to Mouth Off without consequenece.

Gregory Segal



Mouthing Off Magazine is founded during the first UK lockdown and begins to produce articles.


We start the process of taking on our first volunteers to help us create content for the magazine.


Our Resident & Featured Artist programmes are set-up and artwork begins to be displayed on our gallery.


We are asked to cover the events of CIRCA 2020 and our work is shared by Ai Wei Wei.


We host our first online Art Journalism internship for students across the UK.

Artists Studio
Editors Studio
Exhibition Studio



We begin fundraising for our exhibition with A Space Arts.


Our new website and online store are launched.



You’ll have to come back here to follow our journey. We can’t wait to tell you about our latest developments!

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to create a platform for young adults to express themselves artistically and conceptually.

We want to offer the new generation the chance to create, debate, and disagree without the restrictions that many other magazines have established.

Mouthing Off Magazine hopes to create a space for journalists, writers, artists, and musicians to build connections and forge new opportunities.

Freedom Of Speech

We believe that everyone has the right to speak no matter what their opinion or how politically incorrect it may be.

Quality Journalism

We’re tired of misinformation, bias reporting, and tabloid journalism that’s only interest is sex, drugs, and celebrity culture. Let’s start talking about the real issues.

Creating Opportunties

The younger generation has been crippled by a declining economy, jobs market, and a lack of opportunities. We want to help young adults gain experience within jounalism and the arts.

Why Join Us?

You Can Finally Mouth Off!

If you have something to say and haven’t had the opportunity, ability, or confidence to say it then now is your chance! We accept work no matter how controversial, politically incorrect, or ‘out there’ it may be.

Develop Your Craft

Whether you’re passionate about journalism, creative writing, artwork, or music you will have the chance to develop your craft, work alongside other talented creators, and collaborate with them.

Network & Connect

We’re building our network and connections everyday and so should you! By working alongside us we hope to increase your connectivity and insight into our industry.

Build Your CV & Portfolio

Now, more than ever before, it is important to create a portfolio of work and CV that stands out from the rest. Mouthing Off Magazine will help you increase your chances of finding paid work.

volunteer from anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are currently located, you can still volunteer with us and gain experience!

Unleash Your Creativity

We’re always open to new ideas and suggestions. Even if your craft or concept isn’t something that fits into what we do, we are always keen to help you make it become a reality.

How Can I Contribute?


Become a Contributor

at your own pace

We’re always looking for people to contribute articles towards our magazine. Whether you’ve just got an idea or have the entire article written out we would love to hear from you!

Dream Machine

Become a Featured Artist

At your own pace

Have you become frustrated as an artist by having zero exposure? Need a helping hand? Then Mouthing Off Magazine is here for you! Why not pop us an email and we’ll see if we can help you out.

Which Decade Will We Look To Next

Become a Volunteer

6-10 hours per/week

Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation. We’re always on the hunt for new, talented, and passionate people that can help run this magazine. If you think you have what it takes, then get in touch with us today!

Frequent Questions

Who can contribute an article to Mouthing off magazine?

So long as you’re a student, recent graduate, or young adult you can pitch or contribute an article to the magazine. You do not need any previous experience or to have had your work published in another publication for us to consider your work.

What topics can my article cover?

The simple answer is that it could be anything. We are always keen to hear your ideas. However, the articles that we typically produce revolve around three key areas: (1) Politics & News, (2) Art, and (3) Creative Writing.

Where should I send my pitch/article?

All pitches/articles should be sent to: newsdesk@mouthingoffmagazine.com

The subject of the email should be: ARTICLE PITCH.

Please make sure that both of these details are added to your email correctly. We cannot promise that your pitch/article will be reviewed if these elements aren’t in place.

After I've sent in my pitch/article what should i expect?

Once you’ve sent in your pitch/article you should typically hear back from us within a few days (although this can vary depending on how busy we are).

We will inform you if we think that your pitch/article is something that we would like to publish.

If you’ve sent in a pitch for an article then we will instruct you on what points we think should be included and provide any support necessary to help you complete the article.

If you’ve sent in an article we will send it to one of our editors for review. They will then get in touch with you on any changes that have been made or elements that need to be added.

Once both you and our editorial team are happy with the final work it will be sent to our team of illustrators so that any images that be required can be designed.

After these have been completed your work will be scheduled and become ready to be published.

How Can I become a Featured Artist?

It’s easy! All you have to do is send us your work to: submissions@mouthingoffmagazine.com with the subject FEATURED ARTIST

To find out more about what you will need to include in your email to become a Featured Artist then click here.

How Can I become a Resident Artist?

A Resident Artist is someone that we work with very closely with to create exhibitions and artistic products and are hand picked by our Founder and Art Director.

While we do not currently have an open-call for artists to become Resident Artists we are always keen to hear from people who are interested in joining this programme.

If you would like to learn more about our Resident Artists Programme you can email us at: artdirector@mouthingoffmagazine.com

How Can I Volunteer With Mouthing Off Magazine and Become a Member of the Team?

If you’re interested in volunteering with us and becoming a member of our team then you should do the following:

  1. Email our Editor-in-Chief with the subject: VOLUNTEER: *THE POSITION YOU ARE APPLYING FOR*.
  2. In this email you should include your CV and some examples of your writing/editing/illustration/etc.
  3. Your cover letter should include: why your applying to the magazine, what experience you have, and what you believe you can add to our team.

For more information about the positions that we have to offer and availability please click here.

After I've sent in my pitch/article what should i expect?

Once you’ve sent in your pitch/article you should typically hear back from us within a few days (although this can vary depending on how busy we are).


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