Brett Mottram

    Is it a bird? Is it deranged? No-one knows. Dividing available time between university research and teaching, Brett keeps moderately sane by indulging in musical pursuits, penning non-academic pieces of writing, and experimenting in the kitchen
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    ‘War is Peace’: A Brief Comment on the Nomination of BLM for the Nobel Peace Prize

    The American satirical singer-songwriter Tom Lehrer once quipped that satire died when American statesman Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize... Today the same could be said with the nomination of BLM.

    ‘These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends’: The Risks of Media Bias During the Trump-Biden Transition

    Amid the recent scenes of unrest and destruction in and around the Capitol, could it be that the unsympathetic response of the mainstream media to Trump and his supporters is fuelling, rather than defusing, such violence?

    A Poem By Brett Mottram: Fresh Fruit Without The Fishmonger

    Fresh Fruit Without The Fishmonger is an absurdist poem written by Brett Mottram & illustrated by Sanni Pyhänniska.

    A Reflection of Horror

    Bella had lived a distinguished life. She had always tried to do the right thing, attending demonstrations, writing provocative articles for high-profile media outlets, and putting all her spare energy into setting the world right on social media. However, nearly fifty-years after her death she would see all her efforts crumble before her.

    The Rhine Maiden: Student Found Dead in the River Leesum.

    The Rhine Maiden: The naked body of a female student was found beside the river Leesum. Investigations are underway into the nature of her death, but there are no signs of violent assault, including sexual, and her eyes were remarkably open, calm and collected when her body was found.

    The Mollusc and the Crawfish: Fragments from a Lost Epic

    The Mollusc and the Crawfish: Fragments from a Lost Epic, a Poem by Brett Mottram.

    Clay Wang’s Pottery Workshop

    A Comedic Poem, Filled with Innuendo and Ceramics, by Brett Mottram.

    An Amoeba Translates Ovid

    A thought-provoking poem by Brett Mottram.

    Where Next for Wokeness?

    A scathing critique of all things woke.

    He’s a Llama Farmer, Don’t Cha Know (Roughly to the Rhythm of ‘The Dreaming’ by Kate Bush)

    A comical and surreal poem about a Farmer & his many llamas by Brett Mottram

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