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    I’m Charlie, a recent History of Art graduate and Cindy Sherman enthusiast. An introvert at heart, I'm using the current pandemic as an excuse to focus on my writing and put off any and all social interaction.
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    “Choices Can Be Productive”: Audience Autonomy is Key in Tony Cokes’ CIRCA Screening

    “I’m hoping, to some extent, for my work to engage the imagination and produce questions rather than, quote unquote, tell people what they should believe or what they need to know.” – Tony Cokes

    Behind the Mask of the NHS Worker: The 2020 Vision Project

    We chat with the creator of the 2020 Vision Project, Sophie Sheinwald, about photography as storytelling, building connections from scratch, and what we should be doing instead of clapping for the NHS.

    Patti Smith Launches Us into a New Year with CIRCA

    A new year, a new start, and a new artist bringing in 2021 on CIRCA’s screens.

    Fan Art or High Art – What’s The Difference?

    As we live in a world where fan culture is the biggest it has ever been, we continue to question where the lines blur between high art and fan art. Featuring an interview with Xanthe Russel.

    CIRCA 2020: Reconsidering Relationships through the Artwork of Eddie Peake

    Are the relationships we see on our screens real? Or a manipulated fantasy?

    TikTok Artists Break the Internet

    An interview with Matt Chessco, artist and TikTok star.

    CIRCA 2020: Cauleen Smith and the Journey to a Better Future

    Cauleen Smith Inspires Action in the Empty Spaces of a Post-Pandemic Society

    Mary Wollstonecraft: The Mother of Feminism and Her Naked Statue

    Why people are talking about the new statue of Mary Wollstonecraft on Newington Green (hint: it’s naked).

    No Need to Feel Pitchkettled, Dear Friends! ‘Tis Only Bardcore!

    Welcome to the world of Bardcore, travellers! Merriment and excitement is all that awaits ye.

    Mouthing Off Artists’ Spotlight: Katharina Ahlemeyer

    An interview with our Mouthing Off Resident Artist, Katharina Ahlemeyer.

    CIRCA 2020 x Ai Weiwei: Coronavirus vs The Rest of the World

    The final few days of CIRCA's project with world-renowned artist Ai Weiwei bring us to the here and now, examining the impact of Coronavirus on a global scale.

    CIRCA 2020 x Ai Weiwei: Investigating the Human Cost of the Refugee Crisis

    Coming up to the present day, Ai Weiwei's videos begin to challenge our perception of current social issues such as the Refugee Crisis.

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