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Author: Eugenia Pacheco Aisa

The prodigal son – Hunter Biden’s new art façade

Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, is releasing, along with a gallery in NY, his artwork with estimated to cost up to $500,000. There are some concerns with his art being sold for money laundering, and that he is using the Biden name to raise prices. This article explores the development of his artistic endeavours, the potential inflation of his art, possible allegations for fraud, and how the White House and the Republican party are responding.

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Damien Hirst – a Triumph over the NFT game but Defeated by ‘Ethereal Money’

Damien Hirst update. The British artist is once again in the headlines. Having laid off over 60 employees at his Dudbridge studio, Hirst received £15 million of government COVID-19 aid. One year later, the artist announced his new project, – The Currency – a hybrid work that allows buyers to choose whether they wish to keep the physical print of the artwork, or the NFT.

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