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    While humanity has has continuously ventured into the unknown, today we are on the precipice of a new uncertainty. With covid, political unrest, and economic decline we feel that another sinister turn is just round the corner. Although discussion, art, and storytelling won't necesserily create any solutions for this in the short-term it might provide a conduit for productive thought, or at the very least might take our minds off our current reality.
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    The Landlord From Hell | A Fight For Justice & Recompense

    We investigate the nightmarish behaviour of a landlord and barrister, who attempted to fine Niamh and her fellow seven flatmates £4000.

    Placing ‘Fight Club’ In The Modern Context | Chuck Palahniuk’s Prophecy of a Decaying World

    What is there left to say about Fight Club? After countless reviews, video commentaries, interviews, and visual-textual analysis, everything that can be said about Chuck Palahniuk’s seminal work has seemingly already been discussed...

    Band of The Month: Klaus Johann Grobe

    Are You tired of your music collection? Want to find out about some bands that you probably haven't heard of? Then look no further, because we will be bringing you the latest information about artists, both old and new, each month moving forward, starting with Klaus Johann Grobe.

    The Student Housing Company: Part II – Lawyers, Layoffs, Lies, and Spies

    This is our second report on The Student Housing Company, in which we have discovered even more staff and students who have suffered poor living and working conditions.

    Street Photography In Venice: Why You Should Get Out Into The World With A Camera!

    Venice is for wanderers. To see the city, you must get lost, to accept that you do not know, that you do not understand, and that to learn you must make mistakes.

    Trump’s Vow To Veto The NDAA May Prevent Us From Learning That We Are Not Alone

    According to White House, defense, and congressional sources, President Trump is threatening to veto legislation to fund the military, which might become one of his final acts in office. We investigate how this might affect the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force and the disclosure of information on UFO's.

    Should We Be Worried About Mandatory Vaccines Or Government Coercion?

    Should we be worried about mandatory vaccinations or the governments attempt to carefully coerce its citizens to take the vaccine through restricted travel, jobs, benefits and taxes?

    Give Them An Inch And They Will Take A Mile

    The Treasury has recently been reported to be exploring methods by which they can replace lost fuel duty and vehicle excise duty (VED) with a pay-per-mile scheme. Is this really about the UK becoming 'green' or is this just another veiled attempt at gathering your data?

    The Sound of North Korea: The Moranbong Band – Kim Jong-un’s Answer to the Spice Girls.

    The all-female group, Moranbong Band, who are also known as the Moran Hill Orchestra, were founded in 2012. Each member was hand-selected by the country’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un in an effort to culturally modernize North Korea and was ‘prompted by a grandiose plan to bring about a dramatic turn in the field of literature and arts this year in which a new century of Juche Korea begins.’

    Digging Out Of The Pandemic: While Britain Attempts To Panic-Buy It’s Way Out Of Looming Disaster, Others Are Growing Food To Help Their Local...

    A movement of growing fruit and veg has spread across the country as lockdown's have led people to fear food shortages across the UK.Since...

    The Student Housing Company: Fraud, Theft, Sex and Scandal

    The Student Housing Company is one of the largest providers of private student accommodation, which aims to place student wellbeing at the heart of its business. However, this report, which takes the accounts of nearly a dozen students and staff members demonstrates that this couldn't be further from the truth.

    An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks: An Interview With Antony Cecil-Wright:

    Antony Cecil-Wright is a photographer and digital media artist located in Hampshire, England. In the 1990's he would study at the Winchester School of Art, taking an MA in Contemporary Art & Theory. Over the years his practice has evolved from abstract painting with acrylics on perspex to manipulating digital photographs. Antony's influences for his artwork range from his Childhood, The Collective Unconscious, LSD, Labyrinths, Buddhism, and Waves & Particles.

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