Jake Purkiss

    I am currently a History of Art student at the University of Warwick. When not focusing on my studies, I take an active role as a painter who largely focuses on portraiture. My body of work consists of a variety of themes and subject matters, all of which are bound by one style.
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    José Feliciano – The Man You Should Get to Know

    In a Christmas rife with uncertainty and seclusion, writer and resident artist, Jake Purkiss, tells of how his festive spirit was salvaged by what might seem to some an unlikely hero: a blind 75 year old with a guitar.

    Ian Brown / Little Seed Big Tree review – ‘No Brownie Points for Latest Single’

    Last week wrinkly rocker Ian Brown came out with the lockdown single ‘Little Seed Big Tree’ and it hasn’t won him many brownie points....

    Why You Don’t Need an Oasis Reunion

    The fantasies of Britpop enthusiasts across the country, year after year, are mercilessly toyed with by the media. Will the Gallagher brothers reconcile their feud and deliver the reunion of the century? Or will we be left in this limbo of teasers and disappointments?

    Finding the Humility in Sean Scully’s ‘Human’ Exhibition

    A reflection on Sean Scully's spirituality in his 2019 exhibition, 'Human'.

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