Matthew Cowan

    Hey, I'm Matthew, a 19-year-old writer, and creative based in Glasgow (writer meaning I like to write, and does not necessarily indicate quality or professionalism). Currently, I'm studying Broadcast Production: TV & Radio at UWS. As far as writing is concerned I mainly enjoy comedy writing and screenwriting, but I like to get my metaphorical foot wet in any genre of writing. When I'm not writing I like to watch anything on a screen, read, listen to podcasts, and worry about how I'm wasting my time by not writing.
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    Let’s Dance To WandaVision | A Quick Spoiler-Free Look

    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s the latest and greatest dead horse from corporate cash cow, Marvel Studios. It’s WandaVision! *cue one of many whimsical theme songs that will be the only thing you hear on TikTok for the next week*

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