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    How Vice Lost its Edge

    The rise and fall of Vice, the magazine that flew too close to the multimedia sun.

    Truth as a Hornet That Stings: How Accurate Does a Biopic Have to Be?

    Biopics are still movies whose main purpose is to be watched, so should there not be some wiggle room for the filmmaker’s creativity?

    This is a Review: The World’s Biggest Art Heist

    An erratic re-telling of the unsolved mystery of one of the world’s most notorious thefts hit Netflix last week: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist. But is it actually worth watching?

    The Erebus Accounts: His Last Christmas – Chapter III

    On Queen Victoria's summons, supernatural scholar, Henry Morscroft, accompanies his father to Her Majesty's residence on the Isle of Wight, where the two experts in the Occult must contend with the lingering Spirit of the late Prince Albert (Erebus, Chapter III).

    Look Only With Your Eyes: Digital Art Viewing

    Does the physicality of an artwork make it more valuable? Or are the conceptualisation and original composition the markers for a worthy work of art? Can we experience all we need to just by looking? Mike Winkelmann’s ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’ perhaps holds the answers.

    Auction Sale of NFT Artwork Breaks the Internet

    Why everyone is talking about NFTs and what it could mean for the art community. An insight into the boost of crypto art in the past months.

    The Meghan and Harry Interview: This Isn’t Good vs Bad. There is Only Bad.

    Critique of Meghan and Harry is both wrong and unnecessary. Instead of focusing on the individual players of the game, there needs to be a greater focus on discussing the monarchy’s complete misuse of power and privilege and why it continues to exist over us.

    The Meghan and Harry Interview: All We Can Ask is ‘Why’?

    It’s the latest trend, it’s all we can talk about, and it’s sparking a lot of memes; it is the Oprah interview. This latest royal ‘scandal’ has saturated our media to the extent where everyone is talking about it and this time it feels like it could be serious.

    Once Again: The Genocide of the Uyghur People

    China is currently facing global accusations of genocide against the Uyghur people of Xinjiang. When did this start? What is happening? And what can we do - if anything - to help?

    Sia’s New Film, Music, is a Harmony of Idiocy

    As one of the most controversial films of 2021, Music has quickly become a source of frustration for its misrepresentation of the autistic community. But does this mean it should be banned?

    Malcolm & Marie: Blurring the Lines of Cinematic Expression and Social Commentary

    As our generation moves towards an increasingly hyper-transparent world, what social commentaries does Malcolm & Marie offer about political wokeness, authenticity, and brand activism?

    How To Eat Glass | A Tale Of Suffering & Regret

    As a young man, I purchased this land. The rolling hills, the smell of fruit drifting in the wind. I knew it. It was my destiny. I never wanted to ‘change the world’, I just wanted to live for myself, to do what made me happy.

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