Samuel Harland

    I’m an indignant Yorkshireman and nomad at heart, currently studying History and Politics at the University of Warwick. Occasionally, I write but mostly I read, with my intellectual interests being in the intersection of postmodernism and conservatism, or anything that is both stygian and grandiose. My other primary interests are music, particularly the discordant and experimental avenues of punk, heavy metal and rock music, though I’ll give pretty much anything a shot, as well as the history of internet phenomena and how its altering landscapes affects others.
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    On Selfishness | Have We Been Too Quick To Judge During The Pandemic?

    Has the pandemic caused a surge in selfishness? Have we become less tolerant and caring to those with views that differ from our own? What can we do to resolve this issue as we move forward in this Brave New World?

    Is Every Body Beautiful?

    While student unions plaster posters claiming that every body is beautiful, Samuel Harland begs the question that maybe everything isn't? Have we just watered down our language in order to promote positivity, without thinking about the consequences of this?

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