What's The Difference Between A Featured & Resident Artist?

    We've put together a short guide to help you understand the difference between our two programmes for aspiring artists.

    What Do We Offer?

    We Will Promote You & Your Work

    We understand that it can be difficult to get your artwork out into the world and have it seen by others. That's where we come in. We want to support young amateur artists on their journey. A little publicity can go a long way! All it takes is for a few people to see your work to start the ball rolling. We will use our social influence for your benefit, providing you with the boost your hard work deserves.

    Have Your Artwork Featured In Our Gallery

    It doesn't just start and stop with us promoting your work through our social media. If you send in your work to us we will make sure that it is displayed on our fantastic online art gallery for the whole world to see. Our aim is to create the most impressive collection of student/amateur work online. By submitting your work you will become part of a movement to change the art world by turning it on its head. We believe that people shouldn't just examine a handful of commercially successful artists but explore the unheard, unseen, and commercially incompatible.

    Become Part Of A Community

    Being a Featured Artist isn't just about having your work promoted. We believe that community and networking is just as important when it comes to your success. That's why we have and will continue to create places for you to communicate with like-minded people. As Mouthing Off Magazine grows, so will you, by having a wider-audience to get across your message and work with people related to your field of interest.

    What Do We Offer?

    Have Your Work Sold On Our Store

    We want to work with our Resident Artists and provide them with a platform to either start selling their work or give them an extra stream of revenue to support their practice. So how will this work? Well, it's really simple. You provide us with high-quality scans of your work and we will do the rest for you. Mouthing Off Magazine will manage and organise your work, create your prints, handle customers, ship the products and deal with transcations. This allows you to focus on your work, while we sort out all the boring bits. In return you will recieve commission for each of your sold items!

    Have Your Artwork Exhibited

    We're always looking to the future and want to take both Mouthing Off Magazine and its artists to the next level. Over the coming months we are planning to organise our very own 'real world' exhibitions to show the offline public what our artists have to offer. By becoming a Resident Artist you will be directly involved in all of our curatorial projects and have your work featured in our exhibition spaces.

    Communicate - Collaborate - Create

    As a Resident Artist you are not on your own. You will have a fantastic group of artistic colleagues to communicate with and find support in, so that you can create the most exciting works possible with the best people. If you use the people and resources we provide to you effectively there will be no limit to what you can achieve!

    More Than Just A Post

    If you become a Resident Artist it means that we are deeply interested in you, your work, and believe strongly that others will be too. We are committed to our team of Resident Artists and wish to follow their journey to see how their artwork develops over time. Just like our Featured Artists we will make sure that your content is shown across our various platforms on a frequent basis, however, as a Resident Artist we believe that you deserve even more attention. We will work to make sure that your voice is heard and your art is seen through as many innovative ways as possible.


    A Few Words From Our Artists

    Hear what some of our Resident Artists have to say about the program...

    Mouthing Off Invited me to become a Resident Artist despite my lack of experience. They saw my potential and ambition and now dedicate themselves to regularly promoting my work. I now have a virtual space to exhibit all year round, to share my stories, creative process and finished work. Creative collaboration is essential for artists in their young careers. Mouthing Off encourages raw debate, innovation, satire and real conversations that will trigger an emotional response. Our community is a continual source of inspiration, support and entertainment that motivates me to create and pursue my career as an artist.

    Molly Lambourn

    Resident Artist

    I'm thankful for having the privilege of being part of Mouthing Off Magazine. Through the Mouthing Off Team, I have creative opportunities and had the possibility to create cover drawings for short stories. Whenever there are new projects I am able to add my creative input. Mouthing Off not only is displaying your art but as a Resident Artist you are always informed on the updates and the latest projects. It is a transparent and flexible platform, which makes it very enjoyable to work with the team. Knowing that there is a space that posts my new creations and always is excited to see new art pieces, helps me in my art career.

    Justine Rainer

    Resident Artist

    What Do You Need To Do?

    How To Become A Featured Artist

    We've provided you with some instructions to help you in the process of having your artwork featured.

    How And Where Should I Send My Images?

    Email us at:
    • Your email should be sent to the address above with the subject: FEATURED ARTIST SUBMISSION.
    • Your artworks should be attatched to this email, however, if they are too big then you should send us a separate email using WeTransfer.
    • You should send us 5-10 images which should be between 1-5MB in size.
    • Each artwork should be labelled with its title, the materials used to create it, the date of creation, and any other pertinent information about the work.
    • Additionally, if you would like to show our audience who you are you can attach a high-quality photograph of yourself to this email.

    What Other Information Do I Need To Provide?

    An Artists Bio & Your Social Media Links should be included and sent within a Word Document.
    • You should write an artists bio to go alongside your artwork. This should be approximately 150 words in length and include, who you are and what your artwork is all about.
    • If you would like to have your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media page tagged with your artwork please place these within the email. All plugs should be sent in a link format, rather than a handle (i.e. @mouthingoffmagazine).

    How Will We Use Your Work?

    By what means will we use your work to promote you and your practice?
    • Your work will be featured on our Facebook page in one or two posts. This will include the bio that you have sent us, links, and all of your artworks.
    • Your art will be shown on our Instagram. Your collection of artworks will be displayed over a more extended period. We will make sure to rotate each of our artists daily to give you the most exposure.
    • From the works you have sent in we will select a few of your works to be shown on the MO Gallery. This gallery will change over time, in which the latest artworks that have been submitted will be shown - so make sure to keep sending in your latest works to have them featured on our gallery.

    What Do You Need To Do?

    How To Become A Resident Artist

    We've provided you with some instructions to make sure that you have the greatest chance of becoming a Resident Artist.

    Become a Featured Artist

    We want to get to know your work before you become a Resident Artist. Featuring with us is a great way to show us your artwork
    • We want to get to know you, your work, and style before you come on board our team of Resident Artists. Featuring your work with us is a fantastic way to get to know us and for us to get to know you. We want to build strong relationships with our members - this is a great start to building something special.

    Support Us

    We want dedicated, passionate, and driven artistic individuals who are willing to put in as much as we will give back.
    • We want to make sure that our Resident Artists are as committed to us as we are them. Helping us out with articles, videos, our social media, or other projects will show us your commitment and passion for this project and that you are dedicated to producing quality work.

    There Is No Application Process

    Unlike becoming a Featured Artist, you can't apply to become a Resident Artist. Instead, you will be asked to beome one through the merit of your work and dedication to our magazine.
    • Unfortunately, we are not currently taking applications to become a Resident Artist. However, following the steps outlined above will provide you with the best chance of getting our attention to put you in the running to join our team.