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Anum Farooq: The Universal Language of Art

Interview with Anum Farooq. A self-taught artist, Farooq graduated from Imperial College London after studying Biochemistry with Management. An international educator, mentor and consultant, she aims to explore the connection between the Sciences and the Arts. Anum’s art is drawn to the exploration and discovery of the world around us, educating her viewers with inner insights enlightened with natural perspectives. The mediums she employs are a mix of acrylic, oils and gouache in fluid movements.

Immersive exhibitions – A new reality awaits

These past two years have forced many to adapt to new situations. Museums and art institutions have clearly proved themselves to be extremely versatile when having to work with new creative spaces to exhibit their work. sarily come with the pandemic, however, the development of a strong relationship between museums and technology is becoming more apparent in recent times. This article will explore the development of immersive exhibitions and how they have expanded in the world in the last few years.

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