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    This is a Review: The World’s Biggest Art Heist

    An erratic re-telling of the unsolved mystery of one of the world’s most notorious thefts hit Netflix last week: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist. But is it actually worth watching?


    A look at prestige and gatekeeping in cinema. Do movies belong to the educated few?

    The Eternal Olive Branch: A Statement for the Case of Classics and Canon

    What makes a classic? And why should we still honour them in today's society?

    Sia’s New Film, Music, is a Harmony of Idiocy

    As one of the most controversial films of 2021, Music has quickly become a source of frustration for its misrepresentation of the autistic community. But does this mean it should be banned?

    Malcolm & Marie: Blurring the Lines of Cinematic Expression and Social Commentary

    As our generation moves towards an increasingly hyper-transparent world, what social commentaries does Malcolm & Marie offer about political wokeness, authenticity, and brand activism?

    A24 | The Studio Revolutionizing (Indie) Hollywood

    With films such as, Midsommar, Ex Machina, and Lady Bird, A24 has revolutionized the way in which a movie studio should create a cinema experience and market themselves to an audience.

    Let’s Dance To WandaVision | A Quick Spoiler-Free Look

    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s the latest and greatest dead horse from corporate cash cow, Marvel Studios. It’s WandaVision! *cue one of many whimsical theme songs that will be the only thing you hear on TikTok for the next week*

    Abridged Anime | How To Turn A Bad Anime Into A Good One

    An abridged anime usually acts as an addition to an established series, rather than overtaking it in popularity. Can an abridged series really outshine the source material it is based on?

    Creativity in a Dire Situation | A Look at Student Films Throughout the Pandemic

    In this dark time for film, where multimillion dollar blockbusters are scarcely in production and people are left hungrier for the silver screen than ever before, there has been one small sub-genre of film that is still alive and well: The Student Film.

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