A Chat With DakhaBrakha | Ukraine’s Biggest Folk Band

    When I joined Mouthing Off a few months ago there was little chance that my first article would be about anyone other than DakhaBrakha, the Ukrainian band of trained singers and ad-hoc instrumentalists who blend an eclectic mix of international instruments with the traditional words and sounds of their home country. Not long after the article released, we got the chance to talk to band leader Marko Halanevych about their pioneering sound, alternative cello tunings and the current state of Ukraine.

    Band of The Month: Klaus Johann Grobe

    Are You tired of your music collection? Want to find out about some bands that you probably haven't heard of? Then look no further, because we will be bringing you the latest information about artists, both old and new, each month moving forward, starting with Klaus Johann Grobe.

    José Feliciano – The Man You Should Get to Know

    In a Christmas rife with uncertainty and seclusion, writer and resident artist, Jake Purkiss, tells of how his festive spirit was salvaged by what might seem to some an unlikely hero: a blind 75 year old with a guitar.

    Music in the Youth of Corona – the Trends, the Tunes and the Lived Experience

    I took a look at how we interacted with music in 2020, and asked the team for their own perspectives on how the year played out.

    Lion Machine 23 – a Roaring Debut and a Chat With the Frontman

    With his own blend of Punk and electronics, Lion Machine 23's debut album is catchy, nostalgic and forward-thinking.

    Rage Against The Beige: Nicky (Nustar) Clark – The Folk Legend of Hampshire.

    Nicky (Nustar) Clark is a Director, Actor, Writer & Musician, living in Ringwood, Hampshire, England. For the last 10 years he has been producing content on Youtube, which has had a particular focus on his musical works.

    “I Live, I Learn” – Keeno’s Latest Album Shows That Not Everything Has Changed In 2020.

    After three albums released on Med School, orchestral Drum & Bass maestro Keeno has now made his his Hospital Records debut. So how does it hold up?

    Life Goes On… And So Does BTS’s Success with New Album ‘BE’

    Thoughts and opinions on BTS's new album 'BE', by Xanthe Russell.

    Wordcolour’s Playful Electronic Sound Echoes a Cinematic Past

    With clubs closed and events cancelled, 2020 might seem an odd year for a film and TV composer to take strides into club music, but with two E.Ps released a few months apart one artist is doing just that.

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