Yvette’s Bridal Formal | The Strangest Website Ever Created?

    I sat down with Sean Terrance Best – artist, writer, and creator of Yvette’s Bridal Formal – to discuss his creation of one of the most notorious sites on the internet.

    TikTok The Musical | An Artform or Just Another Meme?

    While TikTok has always been known for lip-synching, dancing, and the playing of music, few would have guessed that it would become the largest social platform for hit musical numbers...

    Creativity in a Dire Situation | A Look at Student Films Throughout the Pandemic

    In this dark time for film, where multimillion dollar blockbusters are scarcely in production and people are left hungrier for the silver screen than ever before, there has been one small sub-genre of film that is still alive and well: The Student Film.

    ‘Unlocked’: A Bold Audio-Visual Experience To Fuel Your 3AM Paranoia

    A marketers dream, a cultural analysis smorgasbord and a cracking set of tunes with a riveting visual accompaniment - join us as we dive into the world of Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats' 'Unlocked'.

    Hasta La Vista Cinemas | Is The Movie Theatre No More?

    It’s no secret that cinema’s impact upon popular culture has declined dramatically since the start of the pandemic. With the movie theatre now shut,...

    Placing ‘Fight Club’ In The Modern Context | Chuck Palahniuk’s Prophecy of a Decaying World

    What is there left to say about Fight Club? After countless reviews, video commentaries, interviews, and visual-textual analysis, everything that can be said about Chuck Palahniuk’s seminal work has seemingly already been discussed...

    “Choices Can Be Productive”: Audience Autonomy is Key in Tony Cokes’ CIRCA Screening

    “I’m hoping, to some extent, for my work to engage the imagination and produce questions rather than, quote unquote, tell people what they should believe or what they need to know.” – Tony Cokes

    Behind the Mask of the NHS Worker: The 2020 Vision Project

    We chat with the creator of the 2020 Vision Project, Sophie Sheinwald, about photography as storytelling, building connections from scratch, and what we should be doing instead of clapping for the NHS.

    A Chat With DakhaBrakha | Ukraine’s Biggest Folk Band

    When I joined Mouthing Off a few months ago there was little chance that my first article would be about anyone other than DakhaBrakha, the Ukrainian band of trained singers and ad-hoc instrumentalists who blend an eclectic mix of international instruments with the traditional words and sounds of their home country. Not long after the article released, we got the chance to talk to band leader Marko Halanevych about their pioneering sound, alternative cello tunings and the current state of Ukraine.

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