A 10/10 Review: Why I Don’t Like Film Rating Systems

    Is there an alternative to the archaic rating system for film reviews or will we be left with an oversimplified numerical scale to find out what's good and what's not?

    Band of The Month: Klaus Johann Grobe

    Are You tired of your music collection? Want to find out about some bands that you probably haven't heard of? Then look no further, because we will be bringing you the latest information about artists, both old and new, each month moving forward, starting with Klaus Johann Grobe.

    Breaking Out of the Geisha Shell: Melinda Gebbie and Intelligent Pornography

    A voyage into the politics, pornography, and ethics of Melinda Gebbie’s comic book artistry.

    José Feliciano – The Man You Should Get to Know

    In a Christmas rife with uncertainty and seclusion, writer and resident artist, Jake Purkiss, tells of how his festive spirit was salvaged by what might seem to some an unlikely hero: a blind 75 year old with a guitar.

    Patti Smith Launches Us into a New Year with CIRCA

    A new year, a new start, and a new artist bringing in 2021 on CIRCA’s screens.

    Disability, Dark Comedy and Tinder | An Interview With Jimmy Olsson

    Read our interview with director Jimmy Olsson about his latest short film, the Oscar-eligible 'Alive' (2020).

    ‘Men With Tits’: The Struggle Of Writing Strong Feminine Characters

    Now, before we get any further with this article, it is important to first establish that this is not about actual men with tits, so if that’s something you’re into I humbly apologise for getting both your hopes up and… well I think we all know where that low effort joke is going.

    Fan Art or High Art – What’s The Difference?

    As we live in a world where fan culture is the biggest it has ever been, we continue to question where the lines blur between high art and fan art. Featuring an interview with Xanthe Russel.

    Music in the Youth of Corona – the Trends, the Tunes and the Lived Experience

    I took a look at how we interacted with music in 2020, and asked the team for their own perspectives on how the year played out.

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