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    “Choices Can Be Productive”: Audience Autonomy is Key in Tony Cokes’ CIRCA Screening

    “I’m hoping, to some extent, for my work to engage the imagination and produce questions rather than, quote unquote, tell people what they should believe or what they need to know.” – Tony Cokes

    Behind the Mask of the NHS Worker: The 2020 Vision Project

    We chat with the creator of the 2020 Vision Project, Sophie Sheinwald, about photography as storytelling, building connections from scratch, and what we should be doing instead of clapping for the NHS.

    Breaking Out of the Geisha Shell: Melinda Gebbie and Intelligent Pornography

    A voyage into the politics, pornography, and ethics of Melinda Gebbie’s comic book artistry.

    Patti Smith Launches Us into a New Year with CIRCA

    A new year, a new start, and a new artist bringing in 2021 on CIRCA’s screens.

    Fan Art or High Art – What’s The Difference?

    As we live in a world where fan culture is the biggest it has ever been, we continue to question where the lines blur between high art and fan art. Featuring an interview with Xanthe Russel.

    Pictures & Politics: The Graffiti Of The Pandemic

    Street artists have given a voice to communities all over the world during the COVID crisis. From misinformation to lockdown restrictions, what do they have to say?

    CIRCA 2020: Reconsidering Relationships through the Artwork of Eddie Peake

    Are the relationships we see on our screens real? Or a manipulated fantasy?

    Sensing the Unseen Review: Close Looking at the National Gallery

    Review of the National Gallery in London's new experiential exhibition Sensing the Unseen featuring Jan Gossaert's 1515 masterpiece 'The Adoration of the Kings'

    Artemisia Gentileschi at the National Gallery: A Promise for Change or Warning Signal?

    An insight into the first female solo exhibition at the National Gallery and the underrepresentation of women in art history.

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