FAMILY FEASTINGS: The Latest Halloween Horror From Mouthing Off

    'Family Feastings' is a horror poem from Sam Barrowcliffe, illustrated by Liam Callebout. It’s the second instalment in our Halloween mini-series: Five Nights of Horror....

    The Mollusc and the Crawfish: Fragments from a Lost Epic

    The Mollusc and the Crawfish: Fragments from a Lost Epic, a Poem by Brett Mottram.

    Clay Wang’s Pottery Workshop

    A Comedic Poem, Filled with Innuendo and Ceramics, by Brett Mottram.

    An Amoeba Translates Ovid

    A thought-provoking poem by Brett Mottram.

    He’s a Llama Farmer, Don’t Cha Know (Roughly to the Rhythm of ‘The Dreaming’ by Kate Bush)

    A comical and surreal poem about a Farmer & his many llamas by Brett Mottram

    A Binary Sonnet

    Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Code.

    Of Cicada & Minthe

    A villanelle for our circumstances.

    Star-Crossed Lovers

    A Poem of the Macabre.

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