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    Is the Sand Whiter in Dubai? Influencers Marooned as Lockdown Measures Increase

    Mobs of influencers became stuck in Dubai earlier this year due to the increase in lockdown restrictions. We take a look at the role of the influencer in modern society and discuss its validity. Is the sand really whiter in Dubai? Or is it a mirage in the desert?

    Placing ‘Fight Club’ In The Modern Context | Chuck Palahniuk’s Prophecy of a Decaying World

    What is there left to say about Fight Club? After countless reviews, video commentaries, interviews, and visual-textual analysis, everything that can be said about Chuck Palahniuk’s seminal work has seemingly already been discussed...

    Is The Chinese Communist Party The Time Keeper of TikTok?

    How involved is the CCP with Chinese companies and to what extent is TikTok a method of establishing virtual footholds in the minds of future generations?

    Farage’s Latest Movement | What Will The Future Hold For The Reform Party?

    For the liberal commentariat, Nigel Farage, and the three parties he has been associated with, have become the boogiemen of British politics. UKIP, the...

    On Selfishness | Have We Been Too Quick To Judge During The Pandemic?

    Has the pandemic caused a surge in selfishness? Have we become less tolerant and caring to those with views that differ from our own? What can we do to resolve this issue as we move forward in this Brave New World?

    ‘War is Peace’: A Brief Comment on the Nomination of BLM for the Nobel Peace Prize

    The American satirical singer-songwriter Tom Lehrer once quipped that satire died when American statesman Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize... Today the same could be said with the nomination of BLM.

    Examining Future Trends: Which Decade Will We Look To Next?

    Will we begin to see a move away from the neo-romanticised movement of the 1980s as our society dips into a more darkened state of affairs? Which decades, cultures, and ages will we look too for inspiration in this new epoch of pandemics and lockdowns?

    I Joined Instagram Giveaways for a Month… This is what Happened

    An insight into “comping” on Instagram – an addictive hobby that involves entering competitions to win prizes.

    ‘These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends’: The Risks of Media Bias During the Trump-Biden Transition

    Amid the recent scenes of unrest and destruction in and around the Capitol, could it be that the unsympathetic response of the mainstream media to Trump and his supporters is fuelling, rather than defusing, such violence?

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