International Politics

    Is The Chinese Communist Party The Time Keeper of TikTok?

    How involved is the CCP with Chinese companies and to what extent is TikTok a method of establishing virtual footholds in the minds of future generations?

    The Future of the Pacific: Will America’s Relationship with Taiwan Falter with a Joe Biden Presidency?

    What will happen to countries within the Asia Pacific countries, such as Taiwan, in a Joe Biden Presidency? Will his policies relating to China alienate these less powerful regions or will he look for support in a world which looks like it may soon turn cold?

    A Chinese Perspective on the British Ban of Huawei

    A Chinese perspective on the British Ban of Huawei: Will the UK's ban on Huawei bring positive change to the country or will it leave us in stagnation?

    The Problem with South Asian Start-up Culture & How we can Make it Better

    Despite taking several initiatives, South Asian governments have failed to address the most significant barrier to fostering a vibrant start-up ecosystem: the absence of risk-taking culture.

    Time for a South Asian EU?

    The unity that was present before the Partition in 1947 is now all but gone and seemingly has very little chance of seeing a revival. Is it the right time for greater integration in South Asia?

    China’s Old Habits Come Back to Bite It (And the World) in the Ass

    The story of how China lied, people died and how the WHO held its tongue tied.

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