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    Farage’s Latest Movement | What Will The Future Hold For The Reform Party?

    For the liberal commentariat, Nigel Farage, and the three parties he has been associated with, have become the boogiemen of British politics. UKIP, the...

    ‘A Plague of Cities’: How & Why Have Towns Been Overlooked?

    In recent years a divide has arisen between cities and towns. As we begin to notice this divide, will we begin to change the way we invest in our infrastructure and the way we live?

    The Student Housing Company: Part II – Lawyers, Layoffs, Lies, and Spies

    This is our second report on The Student Housing Company, in which we have discovered even more staff and students who have suffered poor living and working conditions.

    Boris Goes Pew Pew: The UK Governments Plan To Laser-Fi The Military

    On the 19th of November, Boris Johnson would announce that his government would pledge to ‘increase defense by 24.1 billion pounds over the next 4 years’. This will be used to invest in ‘technologies that will revolutionize warfare', including the development of laser weapons.

    Should We Be Worried About Mandatory Vaccines Or Government Coercion?

    Should we be worried about mandatory vaccinations or the governments attempt to carefully coerce its citizens to take the vaccine through restricted travel, jobs, benefits and taxes?

    Give Them An Inch And They Will Take A Mile

    The Treasury has recently been reported to be exploring methods by which they can replace lost fuel duty and vehicle excise duty (VED) with a pay-per-mile scheme. Is this really about the UK becoming 'green' or is this just another veiled attempt at gathering your data?

    Digging Out Of The Pandemic: While Britain Attempts To Panic-Buy It’s Way Out Of Looming Disaster, Others Are Growing Food To Help Their Local...

    A movement of growing fruit and veg has spread across the country as lockdown's have led people to fear food shortages across the UK.Since...

    Stopping ‘The New Normal’: Anti-Lockdown Protestors Rise Against The Establishment

    Anti-Lockdown protestors have been questioning the 'new norm' of pandemic related policies since the virus gripped the globe. We look over the events of the past few months and inspect what this movement has been discussing and if this is all bigger than covid-19.

    The Student Housing Company: Fraud, Theft, Sex and Scandal

    The Student Housing Company is one of the largest providers of private student accommodation, which aims to place student wellbeing at the heart of its business. However, this report, which takes the accounts of nearly a dozen students and staff members demonstrates that this couldn't be further from the truth.

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