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    ‘The Most Diverse Cabinet in History’… But is that enough?

    Biden has been praised for his diverse cabinet but why have these people been chosen? Is it a debt being paid, an appointment due to their relationship, pleasing factions in his party, or choosing the best person for the job? We will look at the top cabinet positions in order of who would succeeded the President.

    Trump’s Vow To Veto The NDAA May Prevent Us From Learning That We Are Not Alone

    According to White House, defense, and congressional sources, President Trump is threatening to veto legislation to fund the military, which might become one of his final acts in office. We investigate how this might affect the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force and the disclosure of information on UFO's.

    Trump’s Battle With The Courts: A Breakdown of Each Lawsuit by State

    Donald Trump is targeting the certification of votes in key states in an effort to overturn Joe Biden's victory and maintain his presidency for a second term. We take a look to see how this is shaping up.

    Old vs New, Democrat vs Republican, Trump vs Biden: Will Protests & Armed Conflict Conclude The Presidential Election?

    The 2020 Election is a turning-point in US history. Two conflicting characters fighting over the heart of American Democracy. One, a billionaire businessman, turned Republican politician, who's supporters love him as an against the grain anti-political figure. While the other, is a seasoned politician, who some see as uninspiring yet necessary candidate, whom after 40 years and two previous presidential campaigns has his final chance at the Presidency.

    Kanye West’s #Vision2020: Is there Room for Music in Politics?

    A Dissection and Discussion of the Music, Politics and Celebrity of Kanye West's 2020 Presidential Run

    Has Ghislaine Maxwell been ‘Tucked Away’ in New Hampshire or was she in Paris all along?

    After a year on the run, Maxwell, the 'madam' of Jeffrey Epstein, was found in her home in New Hampshire. Last seen in Paris, the reasons for her return still puzzle many. Why would she leave the safe haven of France to return to a country where she could be prosecuted if found?

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