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If you need to contact us you’ve come to the right place. We always welcome any questions that you might have, so please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call if you need a helping hand.

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You can contact us via our social media.

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All article pitches and potential contributions should be submitted to our editor-in-chief or an editor that is relevant to the article/idea you are submitting. For more information on who to contact visit our Team Members page to find their contact details.

General Queries & Press

If you have any general queries related to the magazine or have a story that you would like us to report on then you can either give us a call or email us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Call: (+44) 07407078396


For any questions related to our online store please refer to our store policies or contact us via the email below.


We are always looking for students, recent graduates, and young adults to volunteer with us to help produce articles, illustrations, and manage our social media. We have a wide array of opportunities available and a guide on how you can apply to become part of Mouthing Off.

Resident & Featured Artists

All current and prospective Resident Artists should get in touch with our Art Director to discuss their work or to gain information on how to apply to this programme.

For those who wish to submit their work to Mouthing Off Magazine so that it can be featured on our social media, online gallery, or exhibition spaces please refer to our guide before proceeding to email us, as work will only be considered if it follows the guidlines that have been set out.

Resident Artists:

Featured Artists:


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Frequent Questions

Who can contribute an article to Mouthing off magazine?

 So long as you’re a student, recent graduate, or young adult you can pitch or contribute an article to the magazine. You do not need any previous experience or to have had your work published in another publication for us to consider your work.

What topics can my article cover?

The simple answer is that it could be anything. We are always keen to hear your ideas. However, the articles that we typically produce revolve around three key areas: (1) Politics & News, (2) Art, and (3) Creative Writing.

Where should I send my pitch/article?

All pitches/articles should be sent to:

The subject of the email should be: ARTICLE PITCH.

Please make sure that both of these details are added to your email correctly. We cannot promise that your pitch/article will be reviewed if these elements aren’t in place.

After I've sent in my pitch/article what should i expect?

Once you’ve sent in your pitch/article you should typically hear back from us within a few days (although this can vary depending on how busy we are).

We will inform you if we think that your pitch/article is something that we would like to publish.

If you’ve sent in a pitch for an article then we will instruct you on what points we think should be included and provide any support necessary to help you complete the article.

If you’ve sent in an article we will send it to one of our editors for review. They will then get in touch with you on any changes that have been made or elements that need to be added.

Once both you and our editorial team are happy with the final work it will be sent to our team of illustrators so that any images that be required can be designed.

After these have been completed your work will be scheduled and become ready to be published.

How Can I become a Featured Artist?

It’s easy! All you have to do is send us your work to: with the subject FEATURED ARTIST

To find out more about what you will need to include in your email to become a Featured Artist then click here.

How Can I become a Resident Artist?

A Resident Artist is someone that we work with very closely with to create exhibitions and artistic products and are hand picked by our Founder and Art Director.

While we do not currently have an open-call for artists to become Resident Artists we are always keen to hear from people who are interested in joining this programme.

If you would like to learn more about our Resident Artists Programme you can email us at:

How Can I Volunteer With Mouthing Off Magazine and Become a Member of the Team?

If you’re interested in volunteering with us and becoming a member of our team then you should do the following:

  1. Email our Editor-in-Chief with the subject: VOLUNTEER: *THE POSITION YOU ARE APPLYING FOR*.
  2. In this email you should include your CV and some examples of your writing/editing/illustration/etc.
  3. Your cover letter should include: why your applying to the magazine, what experience you have, and what you believe you can add to our team.

For more information about the positions that we have to offer and availability please click here.

After I've sent in my pitch/article what should i expect?

Once you’ve sent in your pitch/article you should typically hear back from us within a few days (although this can vary depending on how busy we are).


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