Milen Stoyanov: “Whatever I Draw is Full of Love and Compassion”

Milen Stoyanov: “Whatever I Draw is Full of Love and Compassion”

When the world is shaking, and every day brings us unpleasant news, the sense of stability is close to crash, and our hope sometimes ends. In such situations, it is very important to have the reliance. For Milen Stoyan, a prolific writer from Bulgaria who has just released on Amazon his book “Portals to the Universe’‘, this support is found in a perfect combination of kindness, compassion, and innate desire to create that are typical for his art pieces.

Milen Stoyanov

Milen Stoyanov has written a book because he felt he could not resist the desire to share his spiritual gift with those in need of artfulness, sophistication, and compassion. In fact, Milen is convinced that all the citizens of our planet deserve mercy, love, and compassion. This is his worldview and, telling symbolically, his religion.

For twenty years, Milen Stoyanov has been drawing extraordinary pictures that show Universe and different galaxies. Whatever could be seen deep in the imagination or within the realm of subconsciousness is represented in the book.

What else you should know about Milen Stoyanov? In 2009, one of his novels was featured with The National Literary Prize for a Debut Book (fiction category). The author is also well known for his philosophical expressions and looking at the person as the creation of nature who needs to search for the highest senses. Next, Milen Stoyan is a founder of the Universal Yoga Art organization, and his spiritual worldview made a deep impact on his creativity.

In this interview, we talked about how spirituality influences creativity, and whether it is possible to deliver highly spiritual art in the world where money matters most.

In the book, you mentioned that firstly you had images of planets and stellar in childhood. So you remember what were they like? What was the reaction of adults to your pictures?

When I lived in London, I had an interview on television. Then I told how I saw the whole universe in my nursery when I was a little boy. I saw a portal open in a soft green light. What I saw was very beautiful and I went to crawl to this interesting window. I never told that to my parents.

”Portals to the Universe”

When I was a little boy, my grandmother put me to sleep, but I didn’t want to. Then I observed in space colours and shapes moving right in front of the wall. When I asked my grandmother if she saw them, unexpectedly, she answered me: “What should I see?” And everything just disappeared. Today I clearly understand that even after explaining each of my drawings, it is difficult for a person to take the step and accept it. But it has always been so with every new thing in life.

Milen Stoyanov 2000 – 2018 (Universal Art – Yoga Art

You founded a new movement, Universal Yoga Art. Could you say more about the background of it?

I have worked on my book for 20 years. In the beginning, I was looking for what style my art is. In 2006 I went to the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and met an art critic. This man was an associate professor and was very impressed with my work. I was offered to study there but I refused. That’s when I realized I was creating new art. I have been practising yoga for more than 15 years. Yoga means connection or union in Sanskrit. What I paint is the universe and I have a connection to the whole universe. Thus was born this new art “Yoga Art – Universal Art”.

This is a conversation between the Sun and the Moon.

Do you have any special rituals before drawing and writing? What about meditation?

Nothing special is needed. When I paint, I remain in a state of consciousness without thoughts. This is exactly meditation. I feel very calm and quiet. Then my brain works on theta waves. When I meditate, my attention is above the top of my head where there are no thoughts.

This is the spirit of the Aladdin lamp from the history of 1001 nights and its world when it is enclosed in it. The lamp is empty, it just uses its opening to access our dimension. It is passed from a teacher to a student. Aladdin is not a name but a title and a vocation just like Orpheus.

Have you faced any difficulties trying to spread your creativity? What are the difficulties all creative people face on their way to get public?

I had been serving in the army for 10 years. When I realized that what I was doing had to reach people. Because I can’t keep it just for me. I ended my military career and started my own business. So I had time to develop my art freely. I gave 5 years of work on myself (2014 – 2019) to be able to explain to people what I paint.

In 2015, I had several interviews for newspapers and television. Many people found me and shared with me their personal stories like mine. I would like to encourage everyone to be themselves always even if they do not understand it. I remember how many of my friends stopped contacting me because they still don’t understand what I’m doing. That didn’t stop me. Every day I thank you for what I have been given by the universe to give to the whole planet.

What is the main message you would like to transmit via your art?

Everything I have drawn is done with a lot of love. The universe is full of this love that is very beautiful and full of life. And this life is everywhere. We do not know how to look for it and where to find it. Each of my drawings is a portal to the universe and radiates the vibration of the universe and the love in it. Not human love, but one we still don’t understand. This is a kind of energy that I show in my pictures guided by the desire to transfer this message to every child of Earth, man and woman on this planet. The universe loves you and wants all people on the Earth to be happy.

In the book, you talk about the great Creator and little creator inside each of us. How to awaken this creator in the soul? How to grow up as a creative personality?

We are all creators of our reality created by our choices in life. Every small creator is a part of the great creator. This ‘particle’ is placed in people’s hearts. The brighter a person’s heart shines. The more sparkle there is in his eyes. Art is fire and knowledge. Art is the gentlest diplomat. To grow creatively you must have pure thoughts and a pure heart as well as pure knowledge.

In the book, you have also mentioned the experience of meditation. Could you say more about that? What attracts you to it?

Everything I paint radiates pure vibrations. So that I can receive from the universe and give to people. I must be a pure instrument of divine love. This is very easy when meditating and maintaining consciousness is unpolluted by society.

Do you believe that art beauty might save this humanity? In which way?

I believe that beauty brings harmony and balance to the world. And everything beautiful is created by a hand that does not destroy but gives. And he who gives always has love in himself. Beauty has always remained the last after the greatest war. Simply because he wants nothing but gives. 

The master of purity and innocence. Defender of all forms of life as children in the universe.

Written by Anastasiia Shkuro | Illustrated by Victoria Hoover

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