Mouthing Off Artists’ Spotlight: Irene Shoshanne Carlucci

Mouthing Off Artists’ Spotlight: Irene Shoshanne Carlucci

In this series, we will be showcasing the work and experiences of our Resident Artists, who have taken the time to have a chat with us either over Zoom or email. We hope that through these interviews our readers will be able to get to know our artists, what they do, and how they have made their way to where they are now. Our Resident Artists work in a diverse range of media, from painting and drawing to ceramics and film, so there should be something of interest for everyone!

This week we sat down with Irene Shoshanne Carlucci, an architecture student who splits her time between the UK and Italy. Currently studying at Cambridge, Irene has yet to “lay her first brick” but envisions herself creating sustainable spaces that marry the practices of art and architecture. Taking inspirations from the likes of Tadao Ando, Le Corbusier, James Turrell, and her artist partner Fidia Falaschetti (Instagram: @fidia), Irene’s current portfolio constructs a vision for the future that incorporates the values she speaks so passionately about in her interview.

We hope you enjoy our interview with Irene, and that you find her perspective of the world and the relationship between architect and artist as interesting as we did! Make sure to check out Irene’s artist page on our website, as well as her social media accounts on Instagram.

We’ll see you again soon for our next interview instalment!

Mouthing Off Artists’ Spotlight

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