Music of the Month: A Playlist for the Isolated & Quarantined

Music of the Month: A Playlist for the Isolated & Quarantined

Greetings! Welcome to the first installment of Mouthing Off Magazines: Music of the Mouth. I shan’t dwell on formalities for long other than to say that I hope this playlist does something for you – whether that be providing a suitable backdrop to your daily chores and activities or the key to discovering your new favourite artist or song. Now, let’s dive into the music…

This playlist has of course been assembled during an extremely peculiar time, one unprecedented and unpredictable, and this is something I have tried to reflect through the music. The beginning really aims to capture the eeriness and surrealness of late, I Monster’s ‘Daydream In Blue’ providing the perfect melancholic, glitchy curtain-raiser before we navigate our way through the refined, experimental sounds of Cathedral (Galt MacDermot), Philosophers Calling (Crack Cloud) to the brighter, busier Shinzo No Tobira (Mariah) and Junior Spirit (Jaala).

This takes us onto the second section of the playlist. As the moody, instrumental build-up of Caroline’s ‘Dark Blue’ develops, I cast my mind back upon the last four weeks and the extended periods of solitude. For some perhaps it may not have differed greatly to their usual existence, for most however, myself included, it will have been a time of increased introspection and reflection. During this time, songs from Blockhead (Cheer Up, You’re Not Dead Yet) and Joshua Perrett’s versatile new EP ‘Say You’re Sorry‘ have been perfect for providing space for the mind to wander freely.

It is of course important not to get lost in a spiral of negative thoughts and feelings during these times of isolation and to try and keep within touching distance of the real world. For these reasons, I hope to remind those who have strayed into lazinessand boredom of the great opportunity we all have at our fingertips. While it may be easy to stare longingly out the window and pity ourselves as we think of all the fun things we could be doing ‘out there’, we should instead perhaps think of all the joyous things that we can do from home. Remember that ‘thing’ you’ve always said you want to learn but never had the time – well here you go. With such an abundance of time, there are really no excuses. Nuff said.

Anyway, as I find myself still in bed at 4 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon, I put my phone down after another exhilarating game of solitaire. I remember my duties and redirect my attention to the important art of waffling, the most sacred of human occupations. Shall we get back to the songs, ay?

Now over the halfway mark and moving away from the slower, sobering parts that preceded, we can now enjoy something a bit more upbeat, a bit more optimistic. The vibrant, uplifting sounds of Ulla Dulla (Traffic Island), Trouble in the Streets (Goat) and Dance On Through (The Human Beinz) will, I hope, be uplifting, energizing, powering you towards a productive and enjoyable end to isolation.

And alas, we have reached the final section. While we started off rather more sombre, we will be finishing with a flourish, and hopefully a few songs that will fill you with optimism for what looks to be a wonderful summer ahead, catching up with friends, family and many a missed pint.

The Sex Pistols’ ‘C’Mon Everybody’ is a song as riotous and disorderly as many of us will be when we finally rediscover our freedom. It is a musical effort in making up for lost time; It is raw, pacing, sudden – a dramatic outburst of energy and frustration.

Those of you with a keen ear for independent, alternative rap/hip-hop may have noticed a particularly Brightonian dominated ending, featuring new releases from Para Fiction, Nokia Mansion and Sly Fieri. Valentine (Nokia Mansion) , is a great representation of the current exciting crop of new trap inspired hip-hop coming from the UK. While the work of both artists is inspired by punk, in sound and style, Para Fiction certainly has taken a more aggressive, in-your-face delivery in comparison to Sly Fieri’s more sensitive and soft offerings. Nonetheless, the Brighton rap/hip-hop scene is looking promising with these young men at the wheel.

Anyway, that is your Mouthing Off Magazine: Music Of The Mouth approved playlist – report back next month to find out what you ought to be listening to.

Till next time folks.

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