Requiem for a Marriage Pt. 2: A Selection of Poems

Requiem for a Marriage Pt. 2: A Selection of Poems


When things get too much There’s often a temptation
              To don a pair of wings and fly up
                         Towards the sky and never look back 
                                      Though I implore you to reconsider
When you look back down you’ll come to realise 
               The ground shines a lot brighter from up there
 And as for the sky well -

                                       It’s cold and awful lonesome 
                                       But by that stage it’ll be too late

 To float back down

                   Stay with me

About The Author

Sam Barrowcliffe

I am nineteen years old and will begin studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick in September. Since starting at Mouthing Off as Creative Writing Editor, I have written and published a number of short stories and can’t wait to share even more. My favourite genres are horror and science – fiction and I take great inspiration from the likes of Rod Serling, Charlie Kauffman, H.P Lovecraft, Christopher Nolan and Phillip K. Dick. In the future, I hope to follow my dream of becoming a professional screenwriter and novelist, following in the footsteps of my idols. I look forward to publishing even more fiendish tales and I hope people will continue to enjoy reading them, as much as I have writing them!

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