Selected Poems From Keith Mulopo

Selected Poems From Keith Mulopo
As the white flakes fall,
 With buildings caked in frosting,
 Delight and joy has its time. 
 Together, in this welcomed weather, 
 We’re reminded of Earth’s beauty,
 Evoking youth’s wonder, mischief and play – 
 We pray it doesn’t go away;
 Since its exit will return
 The pain and pressures that being brings.

River of Thoughts
Watch them go by,
 Down the stream,
 They’re not as strong
 As they seem. 
 Some may leave you
 Others leave you 
 Some may leave you 
 And more leave you 
 If you feel eager
 To be an entertainer,
 Just close your eyes
 And realise
 They’re not you, 
 And jumping in
 Just won’t do.
 Let them go
 As the water flows. 
 The more you do so 
 The stronger you’ll grow. 

The Common Man’s Sanctuary
Where strangers need not matter
 Once the drinks fill your bladder. 
 Camaraderie is rife, little room for strife
 Oh yes!
 Music, chat, and laughter fill the space. 
 The Jukebox – royalty in this place.
 With troubles of the week behind
 You’re unafraid to speak your mind, 
 ‘Round here, love’s what you’ll find. 
 Rowdy yet sweet
 With much delight and harmony
 Even treats the most downbeat,
 The rain – The pain of living gets eased. 
 It’s the place for me, 
 It’s the place to be;
 The Common Man’s Sanctuary. 

Lockdown Down
Days open and close the same
 When time’s spent indoors. 
 Fatigue’s persistent as we
 Fight the Boredom war. 
 As lively flames are dampened
 Our apathy soars. 

 The past year’s troubling trauma
 Has played with our nerves,
 Sense spiraling, and work with 
 Its endless reserves
 Gloom blooms, consuming the world’s 
 Fluorescence and verve.

 Discourse fettered since meeting’s 
 A discouraged art. 
 In loss of true affection
 Man’s devoid of heart. 
 Absence of real connection
 Leaves us torn apart. 

 Echoes of the world long gone
 Hang woe in the air. 
 Some compelled to end it as
 Life’s beyond repair. 
 Still, hope seems available;
 Though they’re dwindling shares

Written by Keith Mulopo | Illustration by Sanni Pyhänniska

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