Star-Crossed Lovers

Star-Crossed Lovers

Silhouettes enveloped in paper cups;

drip, drip, drip.

It’s all too much.

Lucid pictures on the wall,

Of Alice, who is a small girl.

A slippery mask is on his face;

A Guy-Fawkes man.

He’s a bit out of place:

one, two, three.

And all’s aloof,

Warhol’s about and he’s on the roof

of my mouth, it’s all the same.

Got you my pretties, let’s have a game.

A game of gander, a game of goose;

I’ll run and you’ll hide,

all in and around, inside my mind.

Lot’s of things you’ll see,

of murder and debauchery;

Manson, Bundy, Aleister Crowley.

‘Oh what fun it is to be naughty’,

Said the man, with no face.

Said the man, who’s a bit out of place.

‘Come in my dear and have a drink’

‘I’ll fetch the knife, I’ll fetch the plate.’

What wicked things we’ll do tonight,

What a pretty thing you are tonight.

Temptation wets the tongue,

of both old and young.

And as they smile,

ever beats the drum;

I linger lonely, I linger on

About The Author

Gregory Segal

While humanity has has continuously ventured into the unknown, today we are on the precipice of a new uncertainty. With covid, political unrest, and economic decline we feel that another sinister turn is just round the corner. Although discussion, art, and storytelling won't necesserily create any solutions for this in the short-term it might provide a conduit for productive thought, or at the very least might take our minds off our current reality.

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