Volunteer Today!

    We're always looking for more volunteers to help out with the magazine. From creating and editing content to managing our social media, we have a wide range of opportunities available for students and recent graudates to get involved in.

    Why Should You Apply?

    A list of reasons why you should become part of our team.
    • Gain experience in a modern and rapidly growing magazine. Learn specific skills related to the industry that you would like to get into.
    • Work with a fantastic team of volunteering students/graduates and make lifelong friendships by working with people who have the same interests!
    • Have your work come to life by working alongside our team of artists, who will help you create the best articles and videos possible.
    • Develop your contact list by networking with individuals working in journalism and the arts.
    • Receive invaluable mentorship by both our staff and current volunteers to help you improve your set of skills.
    • Maintain your creative freedom by working with a magazine that is open minded and encourages your input and suggestions.
    • Work in a space that has a fun, informal and friendly atmosphere.

    How Can I Apply?

    It's simple! Just follow the instructions below.
    • Create an Email and attatch the address:
    • Your Email should be Carbon Copied (CC) to:
    • Your Email Subject should be titled: VOLUNTEER APPLICATION: (*INSERT VOLUNTEER ROLE*)
    • If you are applying for an editor/videographer position you should attach 2-3 pieces of work that demonstrate your writing or video editing skills. When applying for a role outside the aformentioned please include a CV instead.
    • In your Email you should write approximately 150 words on each of the following subjects:
    • Why you want to become a Mouthing Off Magazine Team Member.
    • What experience you've had that would make you suitable for your chosen role.
    • What ideas you have for an article, video, our online gallery, social media, or a project (related to the role you are applying for) that you would like to establish to improve the quality and direction of the magazine.

    What Happens After I Apply?

    Here is what you can expect.
    • We will look over your application and decide whether we feel that you are right for the role.
    • If we like the look of your application we will email you back to set up an online interview.
    • This will just be a casual chat, so there is no need to bring any materials or spend time preparing. The interview will last around 45 minutes.
    • We will then send a second email in which will either accept or reject your application.

    How Much Time Will I Have To Dedicate & What Is Expected Of Me?

    We understand that you have other priorities, whether this be your schooling or social life. We are always flexible - the times set out here are simply suggestions.


    Approximate Commitment: 10 Hours per/week
    • To produce 1-2 Articles per/week.
    • To edit work sent in by contributors on a regular basis.
    • To meet up weekly with our editorial team over zoom.
    • To lead, manage, and support a team of sub-editors and contributing writers.
    • To conduct written, audio, and video interviews to produce high-quality articles.


    Approximate Commitment: 8 Hours per/week
    • To produce 1-2 Articles per/week.
    • To edit work sent in by contributors on a regular basis.
    • To meet up weekly with our editorial team over zoom.

    Social Media Coordinator

    Approximate Commitment: 10 Hours per/week
    • To design interesting and unique content for one of our many social media pages.
    • To coordinate their publication and make sure that each post is optimised so that it can reach the largest audience possible.
    • To engage with our audience and customers and connect them to the magazine.
    • To organise interesting competitions and online events to increase engagement and social reach.
    • To connect and work with individuals and businesses relevant to the magazine.

    Art Director

    Approximate Commitment: 6 Hours per/week
    • To engage and establish a connection with our Featured & Resident Artists.
    • To organise and update our Online Art Gallery on a regular basis.
    • To discover talented artists and connect with them so that they can have their work featured or work with us directly.
    • To coordinate exhibitions both online and in the real world.


    Approximate Commitment: 8 Hours per/week
    • To illustrate artwork for our articles and videos.
    • To coordinate with our editorial team and contributors.
    • To meet up weekly with our editorial team over zoom.


    Approximate Commitment: 6 Hours per/week
    • To edit footage created by Mouthing Off Magazine.
    • To create dynamic video content and effects.
    • To come out and help on shoots when it is necessary and possible.

    Fishing For A Role?

    Here is our voluntering notice board for those of you who are keen to apply to become one of our valued team members. If you can't find the a role that suits you here, then don't be afraid to drop us an email letting us know what you can do. Even if a position isn't currently open or it doesn't exist, we are always interested in hearing your proposal.

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