Why You Don’t Need an Oasis Reunion

Why You Don’t Need an Oasis Reunion

Oasis split in 2009 following a backstage altercation in Paris between the two brothers; Liam supposedly threw guitars and Noel ‘flicked the ‘V’s’ and left’. Now, after more than 10 years of rumors and speculation, how much longer until the world is bestowed with a Knebworth pt. 2, and maybe (don’t hold your breath) studio album No.8? Initially it was the tabloids that kept the rumor mill turning, however in recent years we have seen Liam personally take over. Every few months or so the swaggering frontman sincerely reaches out to his brother, which naturally is via Twitter. His usual approach sees him act as man of the people while goading Noel to ‘give the public what they want’ or put on a charity gig. The singer likes to stay topical and most recently ‘demanded’ a reunion to raise money for the NHS and Coronavirus. Surprisingly, Noel came out and stated he had ‘thought about it’, but as we know there’s always a catch; ‘only to shut this f**king idiot up’. If this is the culmination of 10 years of tensions thawing, the band are very clearly still frozen apart.

A Fairy Tale Ending?

Following the tumultuous split, the brothers went their separate ways: Liam and the rest of the band rebranded under Beady Eye, while Noel released his debut solo album with the High Flying Birds to great critical reception. In the aftermath of the split, it is clear to see why the rumors appeared so appealing. Liam was running around with a disjointed crew, cowering over the dwindling embers of Oasis, paining to keep the flame alive, while Noel was belting out tracks that (almost) shone as bright as those from the 90’s. In the years between 2009 and 2014, a period which saw the return of Britpop heavyweights Blur, Pulp and The Stone Roses, the stage was set for Noel to refill his void. The songwriter was in prime position to return with a pad full of song and wave his magic Fender, reverting Beady Eye back to Oasis. However, rock n’ roll rarely sees fairytale endings and Oasis aren’t ones to please. It is here, at the demise of Beady Eye, and Liam Gallagher’s self-expulsion to wander the realms of twitter, that the Oasis rumors should have been put to bed. However, events in 2017 brought lasting change to the Gallagher power dynamics.

Best of Both Worlds?

While Noel carved out a successful solo career, Liam appeared destined to drift to the edges of celebrity obscurity. With clothing line Pretty Green in administration, a stuttering music career, and a twitter feed so full of controversy that the media treated him like a pissed Uncle at Christmas. A reunion was off the table (if it was ever there in the first place). It wasn’t until his stellar 2017 performance at the One Love benefit concert that Liam Gallagher the Rock n’ Roll star was back, stating in response to the barrage of praise ‘I think the people have missed me’. Later that year he released his debut album As You Were to great success, bringing the Oasis narrative to a fork in the road (or should that be scissors?).

Now in 2020 the rumor mill is few years past its bedtime. Of clear dubious relevance, the stream of reunion headlines and interviews are outdated, with their only lifeline being the willing clicks of deluded fans. With both brothers now achieving solo success a reunion is even more unlikely and the question has morphed from ‘When will there be reunion?’ to ‘Do we really need one?’.

Perspectives should have shifted in the last few years as we have been treated to several first-rate albums. They might not quite be Definitely Maybe’s but they have been good, or at least better than Dig Out Your Soul. Additionally Liam continues to pump out his ‘meat and veg rock n’ roll’ while Noel explores more creative avenues with his High Flying Birds. Enjoying much more creative freedom now the shackles of Oasis-esque songs have been removed and championed by his brother. Noel is in the process of molding a confident new sound, releasing a number of somewhat experimental EP’s, such as the disco inspired ‘Black Star Dancing’. These diverging solo careers have arguably treated us to, as Hannah Montana might say, the best of both worlds. On the one hand we have the heart of Oasis, still snarling over his tracks and providing enough rock n’ roll charm to woo the crowds of Glastonbury, while the brain continues to produce silky lyrics in a fresh and exciting way. So when you inevitably next see it, disregard the Oasis reunion headline, and in the words of The Chief Noely G ‘[Be] Fully aware, that someone has a single to promote’.

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