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Wright and Wrong

Wright and Wrong

Ernest Wright died just months later after an unexpectedly short battle with cancer. His article on the Beaumonts remained unpublished.

Around the same time in a far off town, a young journalist pulled up to his first job at a local newspaper. He was a nice man, if a little quirky and it didn’t take long before he had won the respect and admiration of his colleagues.

Every morning he’d drive to work in a battered bug; some people mocked him for it but he didn’t care. He loved the car and would never replace it, even if it was slowly dying.

He was always friendly and polite but for some reason he chose never to eat lunch with the others.

He ate alone.

Always alone.

About The Author

Sam Barrowcliffe

I am nineteen years old and will begin studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick in September. Since starting at Mouthing Off as Creative Writing Editor, I have written and published a number of short stories and can’t wait to share even more. My favourite genres are horror and science – fiction and I take great inspiration from the likes of Rod Serling, Charlie Kauffman, H.P Lovecraft, Christopher Nolan and Phillip K. Dick. In the future, I hope to follow my dream of becoming a professional screenwriter and novelist, following in the footsteps of my idols. I look forward to publishing even more fiendish tales and I hope people will continue to enjoy reading them, as much as I have writing them!

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